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 Download Counter-Strike Source

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PostSubject: Download Counter-Strike Source    Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:42 am

- Includes All TEXTURES, MODELS AND SOUNDS required for custom MODs, MAPs...
- Listen Server is working properly.
- Installed game size: 4,26 GB.
- Includes several custom MAPs & custom Startup Music.
- SETTI's MasterServers included.
- Playable on LAN and on NON-Steam servers (In-Game Internet TAB for All NON-Steam Servers).

Counter Strike ALL

Counter Strike ALL

1) Run "CSS_FULL_Oct-15-07_DiGiTALZonE_1START.exe".
2) Run "CSS_FULL_Oct-15-07_DiGiTALZonE_2FINISH.exe" (Installation directory will be set automaticly, just click [NEXT] [NEXT] [NEXT]...).
3) Run the game from shortcut named "Counter-Strike Source".

FULL Update_Patch 18.5: CS_Source_FULL_Update_Patch_1_18.5_FINAL.rar

Cracked Server List:
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Download Counter-Strike Source
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